JOHN PAUL, born in a small town in Texas and named by his mother after Pope John Paul II, wasn't exactly a good child growing up. His mom still loved him though, even after changing his name to "BAD JOHNPAUL!" 

At age 18, bored of small town life and playing Little Mermaid in the tub, "BAD JOHNPAUL!"  left his hometown of Victoria, TX and set his sites 100 miles north on Austin, TX. 

For a good hot minute, BJP forgot why he'd moved to Austin in the first place and became an optician, working for various eye docs around town. In fact, devoted most of his sexy 20's working the "nine to five" life with another destiny awaiting him! And so, after 6 years of the medical field, BJP was restless... he needed a hobby and he needed one soon!  Thankfully for us, in 2009 he bought his first digital camera from a street thug and he slowly evolved into the hot mess we know and love today! 

In bed with Jason and Deb from 101X The Morning X

On March 21st, 2012, BAD JOHNPAUL abandoned his day job to devote himself 100% to the life of a hustling artist. 

After surviving the rough patches, BJP began to find great exposure and attention through radio appearances which have since helped him become one of the most talked about photographers in Texas today. He's now well known for his appearances on Jason and Deb's 101x morning show and CJ Morgan's program on KLBJ 93.7fm, both of whom found his "WILD, HILARIOUS and VERY SEXUAL" photography to be fresh for Austin AND they've continued to invite back on for more show spotlights because they enjoy that BAD JOHNPAUL persona he puts on the air!  That persona is what has kept him in the business and given him the exposure he's needed...not only to stand out but to start a brand. 

This BAD JOHNPAUL empire is growing non-stop with BAD AUSTIN MAGAZINE (set to relaunch later this year), the BJP Modeling Agency representing Austin's finest alternative models, BAD BOUTIQUE featuring men's and women's apparel, video production that's creating high quality music video. We can also look forward to an upcoming podcast and a "BAD JP TV" youTube channel!