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Listen: Bad JohnPaul on 101X with Jason and Deb


This morning on 101X - Jason and Deb discuss getting painted gold for the Austin Pride Parade with Bad John Paul and Less Bad Nicole.

From Jason and Deb:

We're gonna be in the PRIDE Parade this weekend, and you could join us!  
We've partnered with our buddy Bad JohnPaul to fill up a float with people painted gold, because why not?  And if you want to join us, you could win a spot as one of our live gold statues.
Just e-mail morningx@krox.com saying why you deserve to be on our float.  Include pictures if you like.
Whether you make it onto the float or not, come out to see 101X at PRIDE - the Fest and the Parade - and have a crazy good time.  You could win VIP tickets by e-mailing us, as well.